2017-18 Post-16 Curriculum Offer

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New A Levels, More Professional Qualifications, and Non-Stop Industry Opportunities

We already have great specialist provision outcomes for Post-16 Study. In the most recent academic year, 100% of all our Level 3 students passed their studies, with collective results more than 26% above the national average! But we always strive to bring more value to our curriculum. We’ve been listening to student feedback and are pleased to announce the following changes to our Post-16 Provision, to enable:

  • Students to progressively participate in projects with employer Partners, in real working environments;

  • Students to become more academically secure and technically able;

  • New, industry-specific technical courses;

  • More flexibility and freedoms in independent study;

  • Students to find strengths and specialise in subjects/skills that interest/engage them.

As always, we continue to support all routes into and beyond Key Stage 5, including apprenticeships, employment and university.

Work With Industry Leaders

We work hard to ensure our learners are provided with ample opportunity to gain authentic industry insight and experience. We are delighted to announce our Sponsors and Partners have (thus far) offered 50 long-term placements, exclusive to our 2017-18 Sixth Form intake.

To hear more about some of the exciting work our students do, click on the following links:

Computing projects and placements.

Construction projects and placements.

New STEM-Related A Levels

We are delighted to announce a range of STEM-related A Levels will be available for September 2017. These are optional and can be completed alongside a Level 3 BTEC qualification in Computing or Construction.

Available A Levels:

  • Computer Science

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

Sixth Form Options

Sixth Form students can study our specialist subjects in Computing or Construction, at either Level 2 or Level 3 entry*.

  • Level 2 entry provides a good introduction to the specialism. We have a choice of Fundamental Diplomas available. Alongside this, students also have the chance to complete any required GCSE retakes in Maths/English.

  • Level 3 entry offers students with an Extended Diploma. This is two years of comprehensive theory and practical work, complete with professional technical qualifications and industry experience. Alongside, students can also complete optional STEM-related A Levels. Completion of our Level 3 Programme typically progresses onto undergraduate studies or employment.

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