Year 10 Curriculum

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All students commencing Year 10 in September 2016 will work towards completing their GCSEs alongside their choice of Construction specialism.

Ofsted say – In construction, pupils participate in construction projects that have a real purpose, and therefore need to be carried out to professional standards.

The following subjects making up the core of the academic studies:

Compulsory GCSEs*

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Maths
  • Science (Double Award)

Other qualifications*

  • A GCSE in one of the following subjects: History / Triple Science / Computer Science


Students choosing Construction also study all of the following level 2 courses. Each qualification is equivalent to one GCSE.

WJEC Level 2 Award: Construction and the Built Environment – 120 GLH

Unit 9811 Safety and security in construction (external assessment)
Unit 9812 Practical construction skills (internal assessment)
Unit 9813 Planning construction projects (internal assessment)

WJEC Level 2 Award: Designing the Built Environment – 120 GLH

Unit 9821 Planning potential of construction projects (external assessment)
Unit 9822 Drawing construction plans (internal assessment)
Unit 9823 Building structures and materials (internal assessment)

WJEC Level 2 Award: Planning and Maintaining the Built Environment – 120 GLH

Unit 9831 Adding value to the built Environment (external assessment)
Unit 9832 Maintaining the built environment (internal assessment)
Unit 9833 Sustainable built environments (internal assessment)

* These subject offerings may change depending on Government announcements, regulations and the viability of student numbers.