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Study Construction with Bucks UTC

All students commence their time in Year 12 on the basis they will complete 2 years of study. The starting point for each individual will depend upon the grades they have attained at GCSE (or equivalent). The different programmes of study are outlined below and are deliberately flexible so each individual can benefit from as bespoke a course of learning as possible.

Students are afforded a greater deal of independence and flexibility in their studies as their curriculum will be personalised to meet their goals. Learners can explore and focus in their preferred industry sector and begin to consider career options with potential employers, or undergraduate studies.


Year-by-year, Professional Construction Qualifications

We want our students to be work ready. That’s why we provide industry-recognised, professional qualifications alongside BTECs, so learners have the best chance of pursuing a career in Construction.

Sixth Form Options

Students are welcome to study Construction in our Sixth Form, at either Level 2 or Level 3 entry*.

  • Level 2 entry provides a good introduction to the specialism. We have a choice of Fundamental Certificates in Construction available. Alongside this, students also have the chance to complete any required GCSE retakes in Maths/English.

  • Level 3 entry offers students with an Extended Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment. This is two years of comprehensive theory and practical work, complete with professional technical qualifications and industry experience. Alongside, students can also complete optional STEM-related A Levels. Completion of our Level 3 Programme typically progresses onto undergraduate studies or employment.

    *Sixth Form entry routes are dependent on GCSE results. More is explained in the tabs below.

Post-16 Example Timetable PDF   –   Key Stage 5 Curriculum Outline PDF 

+ - Fundamental Certificates in Construction + GCSE Retakes

  • A Fundamentals Certificate (Level 2 BTEC) is worth 2 GCSEs.

  • Maths and English GCSE retakes are available alongside.

  • Completion of a Fundamentals Certificate supports progression onto Level 3 studies.

  • Industry experience and professional qualifications come provided as part of the UTC learning experience.


We currently offer three Level 1/2 Fundamental Certificates in Construction:

  • Level 1/ 2 Award in Constructing the Built Environment

    – Safety and Security in Construction

    – Practical Construction Skills

    – Planning Construction Projects


  • Level 1 / 2 Award in Designing the Built Environment

    – Planning Potential of Construction Projects

    – Drawing Construction Plans

    – Building Structures and Materials


  • Level 1 / 2 Award in Planning and Maintaining the Built Environment

    – Adding Value to the Built Environment

    – Maintaining the Built Environment

    – Sustainable Built Environments

+ - Extended Diploma in Construction

Extended Diploma in Construction (Level 3)

An Extended Diploma is designed to be studied over a two-year period, and is nationally recognised as a substantial qualification in any programme of study. Students will learn about a broad range of disciplines within the computing industry, whilst gaining professional qualifications and authentic working experience. An Extended Diploma supports progression into higher education and/or employment. We currently offer the following:


  • Extended National Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 1 Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 2 Sustainable Construction

– Unit 3 Mathematics in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 4 Science and Materials in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 5 Construction Technology and Design in Construction and Civil Engineering

– Unit 6 Building Technology in Construction

– Unit 7 Project Management in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 8 Graphical Detailing in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 9 Measuring, Estimating and Tendering Processes in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 10 Surveying in Construction and Civil Engineering

– Unit 11 Economics and Finance in Construction and Civil Engineering

– Unit 21 Project in Construction and the Built Environment

– Unit 24 Planning Procedures in Construction

– Unit 44 Conversion and Adaptation of Buildings

– Unit 46 Tendering and Estimating in Construction

– Unit 51 Civil Engineering Construction

– Unit 53 Personal and Professional Development in the Built Environment

– Unit 54 Information and Communication Technology for Construction and the Built Environment


In addition to an Extended Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, we also provide both the 90-Credit Diploma and Diploma, forms of the course.

90-Credit Diploma, Diploma, and Extended Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment: Course Overview


What skills/qualifications do I need to apply?

The person: You will need to be passionate about buildings, the environment, and have enthusiasm towards a hands-on work approach. Ideally you will have ambition to work within the construction industry or continue in related higher-education studies.

Formal qualifications: It is desired that you have at least 5 GCSEs at A*-C grade, including Maths and English. Alternatively, we can allow entry with a relevant level 2 diploma, and A*-C grades in Maths and English.


How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through a combination of coursework, assignments, and practical work. All units are graded individually, which add up to a final result. For more information on the Ext. D. grade structure, please click here.


Post-study progression

Completion of an Extended Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, can lead onto construction-related employment or undergraduate studies. The course also provides exposure to a wide range of disciplines and careers within the industry, which together with professional qualifications and work experience, greatly supports post-study opportunities.


Is there a fee?

All learners are entitled to a free full-time education, as long as they are under 18 prior to enrolment. For more information, please read these government guidelines.

+ - Additional A Levels

To support students’ studies, learners may take up to two optional A Levels, alongside their BTEC. Please note that an Extended Diploma is already worth the equivalent of three A Levels, therefore acceptance to study A Level, will depend on one’s academic performance. For the 2017-18 academic year, we will be offering:

  • A Level Computer Science

  • A Level Mathematics

  • A Level Physics

  • A Level Chemistry