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Facilities Tour

Our building was constructed and completed in 2013. The state-of-the-art facilities cost £10 million. They incorporate the latest technology and equipment for students in both computing and building studies technical subjects.

The ground floor of the building includes a beautiful reception and atrium. Students can socialise here for break and lunch times. The building studies area itself consists of a main open, double-height area used for building work.Facilities tour thumbnail There are electrical bays, plumbing bays, decorating bays to practice plastering and more practical and there is a woodwork area, a machine room and the construction yard.

The first floor of the building brings you to our specialist computing labs. The rooms cater for all aspects of the Computing Industry and provide hardware, networking rooms, and a dummy server room. We’ve also got impressive Mac Suite for professional graphic production and many more PCs for the development of all aspects of computing knowledge. All computers are loaded with a full range of software applications, everything that an aspiring student would need.

We have modern, large classrooms for core subjects. They have a wide range of resources for developing curricular knowledge. Similarly, there are fully-equipped Science practical rooms. An outdoor roof terrace overlooking Aylesbury provides students with their own outdoor space.

In addition, the roof of our building is covered with solar panels which are connected to 3 inverters. Solar energy collected by the panels is converted into electricity and fed back into the national grid.

Building Studies

The Building Studies’ facilities at Bucks UTC are ideal for students with everything they could need to assist them in their work. We are also hugely grateful to Taylor Wimpey our sponsors who have sponsored the majority of the equipment for the Building Studies students. Some of the facilities include:

  • Theory Rooms
  • A technical drawing room with drafting tables
  • Plumbing practice area
  • Plastering/Skimming rooms
  • Painting/decorating rooms
  • Machinery workshop
  • General construction workshop with brick-laying/building area
  • Electrical practice area
  • Tool shop
  • Boiler/gas practice area


The facilities and equipment provided for the Computing Students are inspiring, with everything they require to enable creativity in every sense. Some of these include:

  • Full Mac studio
  • PC labs
  • Graphics room
  • Networking room
  • Demo-server room
  • Video-conferencing room
  • 3D camera/TV
  • Professional film production equipment