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Bucks UTC Development Plan 2016/17

The Governors of the UTC have approved the College Development Plan for 2016/17.

The College Development Plan for 2016/17 is shaped by two pivotal documents and processes:

  • The College’s plans to improve the teaching and learning of all students (subsequent to the January 2016 Ofsted Inspection); The Post-Ofsted Action Plan summarises strategies and actions staff will be undertaking to raise the progress of all learners.
  • The College’s financial plan in response to the Financial Notice to Improve issued in May 2016. The College has exceeded the recruitment targets by the Department for Education, is complying with the monthly monitoring processes of the Department and is well on track to meet their requirements – this coming year.

It is also relevant to able that to monitor the College’s progress in 2016/17, the plan will be monitored monthly by two newly constructed committees of the Governing Body, namely:

 – The Finance and General Purposes Committee

 – The Teaching and Learning Committee.

Ruth Farwell, Chair of Governors, commented “There is a real sense of the College moving in the right direction and making important changes to enhance the learning, opportunities and success of all the students”.

Click below to read and/or download the plan:
College Development Plan 2016/17 PDF