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All students commencing Year 10 in September 2016 will work towards completing their GCSEs alongside their choice of specialism (Computing or Construction at Level 2). Our GCSE offer is identical to all other institutions in that there is a mandatory group of core subjects and then a choice.

What makes us different is the blending of the GCSE and specialist programmes with employability and obtaining the right skills to become a successful employee of the future, joining the practical with the theoretical.

The following subjects make up the core of the academic studies:

Compulsory GCSEs*

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Maths
  • Science (Double Award)

Choose from*

  • A GCSE in one of the following subjects: History / Triple Science / Computer Science


Students then choose to study level 2 qualifications specific to Computing OR Construction. Each qualification is equivalent to one GCSE.

See our Building Studies Curriculum

See our Computing Curriculum

After GCSEs, all options are available to every student. Continuing in the UTC, going to another education provider, Apprenticeships or work with training.

* These subject offerings may change depending on Government announcements, regulations and the viability of student numbers.

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