Interested in studying Health?

Uniquely, we offer Health courses to Year 10 and Sixth From.  These courses are suitable for students who wish to progress into careers including nursing, midwifery, social work, paramedic, care work, health and nutrition. Subsequently, these courses build understanding of the requirements and challenges of working in a healthcare setting, including building relationships, equality and diversity and health and safety.

Importantly,  by studying the health and care pathway at Bucks UTC, students gain a broad understanding of the human mind and body, and the causes and symptoms of some diseases.  To begin with, students examine a range of health topics including anatomy, psychology, acute and chronic conditions, genetic and nutritional disorders, mental health and infectious diseases. Additionally, this is backed up with employer partner opportunities in the NHS or other local community areas related to Health.

Furthermore, students will learn how to develop a person centred approach to care. With the intention, they will have opportunities to work towards certificates that are recognised by employers such as NHS and be inspired to consider further education or careers in the local community.

Who is right for the course?

Obviously, the NHS is crying out for young, gifted, passionate, caring people. Does this sound like you? Are you keen to start your career in a sector that plays such a fundamental role in all of our lives?

In short, our Health specialism course focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans. As a result skills of the future workforce will include:

  • Empathy
  • Communication skills
  • Core Science skills

Explore the Career Pathways

There are many different roles in the world of Health, from support roles, Technical roles and professional roles. There are 350 different NHS Careers and everyone makes a difference every day!  You can find out more information about these different careers HERE.

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We are currently working on the specific curriculum we will have in place when our Health pathway starts in September 2022. Following the recent appointment of Head of Department the decision is to offer Key Stage 4 students the following:

  • OCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in Health and Social Care, equivalent to 1 GCSE
  • GCSE Sociology
  • GCSE Psychology

One of the main differences

Not to mention there are big differences between our offer and what most other schools provide. Bucks UTC has links to the industry leaders in this sector. We have already secured links with Bucks NHS Trust, South Central Ambulance Service, Health Tech and Home Instead. We are building connections with other employers over the coming months. It means that our students at Bucks UTC will gain a unique Healthcare experience, including work placements, guest speakers and visits. The curriculum will be full of industry-specific activities. Students should end their time with us very well prepared to gain employment in the Health Care or Social Care sectors.

Health & Social Care Curriculum

To conclude our students may choose courses in nursing, midwifery, social work, youth work, care work, ambulance service and nutrition.

By taking these courses, you will gain an understanding of the requirements and challenges of working in a healthcare setting, including building relationships, safeguarding, equality, diversity, and health and safety issues. You will also learn how to develop a person-centred approach to care. There may be opportunities to focus on anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control and mental health. You will learn about how to support young people facing challenging circumstances or older people with dementia or mental health conditions. Your projects will link to areas such as public health or therapy services.

Health and social care students will meet practitioners and gain first-hand information about their work. They’ll also look at research and work on live projects and problems. You will learn in well-resourced health environments and participate in relevant work experience with our sponsors, Bucks NHS Trust, and a wide range of other health practitioners.

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Starting in September 2022

Link Employers to support the Health Curriculum starting September 2022

Preparation for a Health Career

Therefore, this subject enables you to learn the knowledge and skills needed when working in the health care, social care and child care sectors. There are numerous jobs and career paths that you can consider that are within this field. You may choose to become a care worker, social worker, child or adult nurse, community support worker, occupational therapist, nursery practitioner, nursery manager or personal assistant. The course will help you to learn more about the professionals that work in this industry and the impact you can have on individuals’ quality of life.

If you are a caring and compassionate person, you may enjoy studying this course. In all honesty, this course will equip you with academic knowledge on social and interpersonal interactions. It also supports you in communicating effectively with different people, give you greater self and social awareness and skills to work in teams build professional relationships. Furthermore, it provides you with opportunities to develop a range of personal skills and attributes, as well as transferable skills.

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