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On Thursday 5th November, the 4-week national lockdown commences with schools, colleges and universities remaining open. Following review of the risk assessment we have made the following revisions which will be in place from Thursday 5th November 2020 to try and further minimise contact and reduce transmission of the virus. A KS5 PDF copy of the communication sent to parents is available here.

  • Students will not be allowed to leave the UTC site at break or lunchtime, please ensure your child brings a packed lunch or money to buy food from the canteen.
  • Lessons will finish daily at 3pm, the exception to this is where students are retaking English and/or Maths, these lessons will continue until 4pm
  • Classroom windows will be open at all times to ensure air flow, students can wear coats inside if required
  • Optional sport classes are suspended for the next 4 weeks
  • KS4 PE lessons will be cancelled for the next 4 weeks with alternative lessons scheduled

Should the need arise, we have put the working from home plan for your child in the Parent Portal. The plan guides students through which subject(s) they should study each day. It also includes group and where appropriate individual tutorials to provide specific guidance for students. The day is being broken into 3 rather the usual 5 or 6 lessons to enable the working from home to be more manageable for both students and parents.

+ - Arriving and leaving the UTC

Students will work in key stage bubbles (Year 10/11 and Year 12/13)

If a child is being collected or dropped off, parents should remain in their vehicle. Remember that there are parking restrictions in place with a maximum 15 minutes waiting time or an automatic parking ticket will be issued.

Students can arrive from 08:00 and will sanitise their hands upon entry to the building

Parents will not be permitted to enter the UTC without an appointment made in advance

We will remind students about cleaning hands more often than usual in line with government guidance and there are visual prompts around the UTC

Students will be dismissed at the end of each day by year group

+ - Using Public transport

If you can walk or cycle to the UTC, this should be your primary mode of travel. Many of our students normally make extensive use of the wider public transport system, particularly public buses.

We expect that public transport capacity will continue to be constrained in the autumn term. Face coverings are required at all times on public transport (for children over the age of 11). Please refer to the safer travel guidance for passengers. We also advise carrying hand sanitiser on all public transport journeys.

+ - Washing your hands

It is essential that everyone cleans their hands thoroughly more often than usual. Regular and thorough hand cleaning is going to be needed for the foreseeable future.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an easy virus to kill when it is on skin. This can be done with soap and running water or hand sanitiser. There are handwashing facilities on every floor and hand sanitiser will be available in every learning space. Students can bring in their own hand sanitiser for personal use only.

Hands will be washed/sanitised:

  • On entry to the UTC
  • When students return from morning/lunch breaks
  • When they change rooms
  • Before and after eating

There are signs around the UTC reminding us all of the importance of regular handwashing and we are promoting good respiratory hygiene through ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’.

+ - Face coverings advice

Students must wear a face covering:

  • While using the corridors between lessons in the UTC
  • When using the toilets at the UTC
  • While in communal areas at break and lunch times
  • While following the one-way system around the UTC

Removing a face covering, in line with government guidance, you MUST:

  • not touch the front of your face covering during use
  • not to touch the front of your face covering when removing it
  • dispose of temporary face coverings in a covered bin (marked face coverings)
  • place reusable face coverings in a plastic bag
  • wash your hands again before going to your classroom

We understand that some students may have a medical condition, or a special educational need that may affect their ability to wear a face mask. If this is the case for your child, please contact Sonia Hothi, Assistant Principal, Pastoral and Inclusion via email and she or one of her team will contact you to discuss the issue.

+ - Moving around the UTC

Maintaining Social Distancing

Through careful timetabling we have minimised contact between individuals and are maintaining social distancing wherever possible, this includes:

  • Grouping students by year group/specialism
  • Avoiding contact between groups
  • Arranging classrooms with forward facing desks
  • Staff maintaining distance from students and other staff as much as possible

There are social distancing signs throughout the UTC to remind us all: where possible we have kept to the 2m distancing.

In Learning Spaces

  • Line up outside of your allocated classroom/workshop
  • Wait to be asked in
  • Sit in your allocated seat
  • If you have a question raise your hand
  • There will be virtual employer visitors to your lessons
  • At the end of the lesson, your teacher will ask you to leave row by row. You must wait until you are asked to leave the room. You must follow all instructions carefully; they are for your safety and the safety of others.

Break Time

At break time there are zoned areas for year groups, you must keep to these zones.

  • Year 10 /11 in the atrium
  • Year 12/13 second floor sixth form area

Students should also bring a pre-filled bottle of water, although there will be water available.

Lunch Time

No students will be authorised to leave the UTC site

  • Please bring in your own food or buy food from the canteen. Students should bring a pre-filled bottle of water, there will be water available
  • At lunch time there are zoned areas for year groups, you must keep to these zones
  • Ensure you remain in the allocated areas
    • Year 10 /11 in the atrium and roof terrace
    • Year 12/13 second floor sixth form area and roof terrace (zoned areas)

+ - Expectations: Behaviour

To ensure that the UTC is a safe place for learning, we all need to do our part. With the ongoing risk of COVID-19, behaviour around the UTC needs to be exceptional. On top of the rules around social distancing and movement around the UTC we ask that all students be mindful of the behaviours they are exhibiting in the classroom. We are going to require your cooperation to navigate these uncertain times together. This means that all students need to think of the impact they are having on their own learning and the learning of others at all times in the classroom and around the building.

There are several new processes that have been put in place to ensure we mitigate the COVID-19 risk as best as possible. This includes a tightening of existing behavioural rules to ensure minimisation of disruption whilst concurrently considering risk factors relevant to the transmission of coronavirus.

To help encourage students to follow the rules, we will continue to apply success points where appropriate. However, if students fail to follow these rules, we will:

  • For any noncompliance with the rules and procedures as set out in the Behaviour for Learning Policy and the Behaviour for Learning and Safety Addendum a zero tolerance approach will be taken and considered as serious misconduct.
  • The health and safety of our students and staff is our paramount concern.

    If a student fails to comply then parents will be called immediately and students must be collected from the UTC pending a follow up phone call from a member of the Senior Leadership Team. (see full policy)

The normal Success (S) / Consequence (C) point policy will apply to behaviour in the UTC.

Issuing of a C3

Besides gentle reminders, students are given two opportunities to correct their poor learning behaviours through the issuing of a C1 and a C2. If the behaviour has not been corrected then the student in question will be asked to wait outside the classroom for a brief chat and a final warning to correct the behaviour. Students are not to wander around when they are asked to leave the classroom. They must remain within 2 metres of the classroom. At no point are students permitted to go to another classroom and disrupt their learning.

Issuing of a C4

If a student fails to heed the final warning issued outside the classroom (through the issuing of a C3) and continues to display poor learning behaviours they will be asked to wait outside the classroom and issued a C4. Again, students must remain within 2 metres of the classroom whilst the teacher issues them with a C4 slip and makes the appropriate contact with reception. Students are to remain waiting outside the classroom until they are collected by a member of staff who will take them to separate room to complete a restorative form to be used for a conversation later with the teacher.

Please note that if students breach any of the Health and Safety guidelines when they are being issued a C4, particularly around social distancing and the spread of Covid-19, then parents may be called to collect students immediately as per the Behaviour for Learning and Safety Policy Addendum.

Implementation of rules and procedures

These rules and procedures are in place to ensure that everyone can remain safe at the UTC. We would like to stress that if students remain cooperative at all times and give deliberate consideration to the impact they are having on everyone in challenging times then we can get through this together. Whilst we do not want to have to enact these procedures, they are there for your safety. So that these procedures never have to be enacted, please do the right thing at all times.

+ - Expectations: Attendance

All students must strive for good attendance – the full attendance policy can be seen in the Parent Portal. We are grateful for your support in terms of:

  • Making dental/ doctors’ appointments outside the UTC day
  • Making sure your child arrives promptly at the UTC (for 08:30am) and is safe
  • Contacting the UTC promptly if your child is absent. Parents must notify the school on the first day of an unplanned absence – for example, if their child is unable to attend due to ill health – by 8.20am or as soon as practically possible (see also section 6). Parents should email to or telephone 01296 388459
  • Ensuring that ‘contact details’ are up to date (with emergency contact details)
  • Supporting our drive for ‘work-like experiences’ – i.e., missing the odd day would not be acceptable in any organisation

The usual rules on school attendance will apply, including:

  • Parents’ duty to secure that their child attends regularly at school where the child is a registered pupil at school and they are of compulsory school age
  • Schools’ responsibilities to record attendance and follow up absence
  • The availability to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices in line with local authorities’ codes of conduct

Students who are shielding or self-isolating

Much more is known about coronavirus (COVID-19) and government advice is that “in future there will be far fewer children and young people advised to shield whenever community transmission rates are high. Therefore, the majority of pupils will be able to return to school.” Please contact Assistant Principal, Pastoral and Inclusion for further advice.

+ - Feeling unwell?

For more information about feeling unwell with COVID and testing, please view our Coronavirus Guidance page.