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At this time, most employer trips, visits and activities have been postponed for the safety and well being of our students and staff. Click here to get the latest updates.

Year 12 Animation Presentations


Year 12 students have been making their own animations using specialist Adobe software. They were tasked with researching animation techniques as part of their Computing unit. Students worked in groups to make a website portfolio that contained their work, and a presentation to the class about their chosen type of animation.

Morgan Sindall Presentation


Morgan Sindall, leading developers of new homes, came in and spoke to Building Studies students. They talked bout the workings of the company and how it functions on a daily basis. Students gained a valuable insight into how businesses like Morgan Sindall stay safe in, develop and plan projects. Alex and Brandon, Quantity Surveyor and Graduate Quantity Surveyor, also visited the UTC to discuss their roles, how they got to their current position and answered questions that students had.

NCC Group Demonstration


Most Year 10 and 11 students have been working on a Python program as part of their work, and wanted to understand how to ensure their program is secure. NCC Group, global experts in cyber security, delivered a presentation and demonstration on securely designing and testing computer software and applications, and gave support with students’ Python projects.

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