02 research shows need for digital skills promotion

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02 research shows need for digital skills promotion

Recently published research commissioned by digital communications company 02, suggests that out of 2,000 parents, one in 10, would ‘actively discourage’ their children from digital jobs such as coding, suggesting law or medicine as a better option.

A disturbing thought when you consider the severe lack of skilled technicians in the UK, versus the number of jobs available. The European Commission stated that almost 50% of the population have insufficient digital skills for today’s work environment. Between 2015-2020, unless policy interventions are made, there will be 250,000 unfilled IT jobs in the UK. Whilst this is worrying news for the IT industry, it means that young people with the right skills, such as Bucks UTC students, will be in high demand.

Changes to the curriculum announced by the Government in 2013 which will come into effect in the Autumn, include teaching pupils how to write code, and about 3D printing and robotics. Our IT students are ahead of the game in this respect and these areas have been built into our IT curriculum from the start. Unlike a normal secondary school, our students are already studying for recognised technical qualifications in IT, alongside their GCSE/A Levels. They work with our IT employer partners, such as McAfee, who run Masterclasses on programming. Although with these Government changes in the future students might study coding etc, they will still not be studying the technical qualifications that we offer. That’s what makes us unique!