CBI head calls for GCSEs to be scrapped

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CBI head calls for GCSEs to be scrapped

John Cridland, the head of the CBI says a date must be set in the next five years to scrap GCSEs and introduce an exam system with equal status for vocational subjects.



Lord Baker, Chairman of the Edge Foundation and Baker Dearing Educational Trust has made the following statement:

“I strongly support the call by John Cridland, Director General of the CBI, for the end of GCSEs. These exams were important when 16 was the normal school leaving age. As education and training now stretches from 4 to 18, an exam at 16 must not be the critical public measure for students and schools.

What industry and commerce need is the development of 14 to 18 curriculum directed to the world of work and continuing education and training.”

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