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What’s a typical day like at Bucks UTC?

Our working day

Your time at the UTC will closely resemble a working day beginning at 8.40am; ending at 4pm (3pm on Wednesday and Friday).  

We asked some of our students to write down what a normal day looks like for them from start to finish. Find out all about the UTC day from Hassan, Natalia and Aidan, using the tabs below.

Every day begins at 08:40, where we will begin the day with a tutorial with our form groups until 09:00. On Mondays, the Principal holds a UTC briefing where she discusses upcoming events, what’s happened recently and certain topics.

The first lesson of the day begins at 09:00 and lasts for one hour, and is usually a core subject or may be our specialism, which, for me, is Computing. In Computing we usually continue working on assignments and projects, which go towards our BTEC final grade. From 11:00, we have a short break where food can be purchased from the canteen and we can sit with our friends in the Atrium.

Between break and lunch are two one-hour lessons. These are usually either English, Maths or Science, where we have continued to learn and revise topics for our GCSE exams.

Lunch is available from 13:15, where food is available again from the cafeteria within the UTC. All years groups are permitted to leave the UTC for the duration of lunch (45 minutes) to go into the Aylesbury town, in shops and outside the UTC grounds. We find that this provides a boost of energy for the last lessons of the day!

The two afternoon sessions can be either a core subject, GCSE option or specialism. In the option subject (which for me is Computer Science) we learn all relevant topics required for the final exams.

Occasionally, we have external visitors and employer partners visit the UTC. They hold talks with us, or start work on projects, and our day is split up differently because of this. Employer activities are very interactive and involved, with lots of opportunities for trips and work with the employers afterwards.

A typical day for me BucksUTC OpenDay 049starts at around 8:30am. When I arrive at school I usually go straight to the Atrium and wait with friends before Briefing at 8:40am. Briefing usually lasts around 20 minutes and allows the teacher to talk about a chosen topic or inform us of any upcoming events or trips. Following this, I will either a have a lesson or an independent session. Independent sessions allow us to study and catch up on any assignments or projects. I like to make use of this time to complete homework. We usually have 2 hours of Independent sessions a day.

Break is between 11am and 11:15am. We can either go to the Atrium and buy a snack from the canteen or sit in the classrooms or breakout rooms. Some like to go to the Learning Center to get on with work. After the break, we either have lessons or independent study sessions. As my specialism is Computing, depending on my timetable, a lot of my lessons will be in the Computing Suites. Occasionally one of the Partners from CISCO or Intel will take a lesson. These are usually my favorite as they tend to talk about current issues which I find very exciting.

We have 45 minutes for Lunch between 1.15pm and 2pm. During this time, we are able to buy lunch from the canteen or alternatively we can go out and buy  lunch. We are also allowed to go home, but unfortunately, I live too far away to get back in time. In the afternoon, we have 3 hours of lessons. Often in the afternoon, I will either have a study skills session or a Tutorial session. During tutorials, our tutor helps us with things like CVs and cover letters and provide support for university or apprenticeship applications. A Tutorial lesson is usually run by the Vice Principal, Sarah, and together we will go through our options for when we leave the UTC. The day usually finishes at 5pm with the exception of two days. On Tuesday we finish at 4pm and on Friday we finish at 3pm.

A basic day for D3X_2551me at the UTC starts by getting the bus into to college.

The day starts off with a morning briefing at 8:40am which is given by a teacher. They usually discuss important topics or upcoming events.

After this, we have lessons which are in hour blocks. This will usually include a lesson with a building studies teacher, it may be a theory or a practical session.

At 11:00am, we have a 15-minute break. As a year 12 I am allowed to go off-site, but as it’s usually raining I never go out!

Some of our lessons are replaced by independent study sessions where can go into computer rooms and get on with assignments or homework.

Lunch follows at 1:15pm. A privilege of being Year 12 and 13 is that I am allowed out to town. If I don’t fancy the food from the canteen, I will go to the local shop and get lunch from there.

We then have 3 hours of lessons, independent study or enrichment after lunch, except Friday and Tuesday when we get to leave slightly early. Enrichment sessions could be sport or drawings. A few times a week I will have a study skills session, where a tutor helps you go through university applications and will prepare you for leaving The UTC.

Typical Working Day

08:40: Form Time or UTC Briefing

09:00 Lesson 1

10:00 Lesson 2

11:00 Break (15 mins)

11:15 Lesson 3

12:15 Lesson 4

13:15 Lunchtime (45 mins)

14:00 Lesson 5

15:00 Lesson 6 / End of Day

16:00 UTC End of Day

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