COVID-19 Update

Updated information about COVID-19 has been sent out to parents and carers. Please check your email or scroll down for a summary of the information.

Hand sanitising and handwashing
On arrival all students must sanitise their hands on entry to the building and regular handwashing throughout the day. Students that go offsite at lunchtime must sanitise their hands on re-entry to the building is essential and if students do not comply, we will have no option but to remove the option to go offsite at lunchtime.

Face coverings
The majority of our students are compliant and wearing face coverings in communal areas, responding courteously when reminded to do this. Please can you all remind your child about the importance of wearing a face covering:

  1. While using the corridors between lessons in the UTC
  2. When using the toilets at the UTC
  3. While in communal areas at break and lunch times (when they are not eating)
  4. While following the one-way system around the UTC

Wearing a face covering in communal areas is relatively new for us all and it is going to continue for the foreseeable future.